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It's time to search for another lost treasure.

Forgotten Treasure is a competitive but easy-to-learn strategic card game.
30 min
14 +
In this game, players compete to collect the most Treasures and bring glory to their ship and crew.
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Interactive Game Setup

See what a typical game setup looks like and explore some of the actions you can take during your turn.

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Protect Against Events

Using Defense cards, you can protect yourself against any Event. This does not protect everyone, only you!

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Peak the Treasure Pile

Plan the next Treasure you need to claim.

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Activate Events

When an Event is drawn, it is played immediately. After it has resolved, normal play is resumed.

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Draw a Card

There is no draw phase, and drawing a card counts as an action.

Take from the Discard Pile

Some cards allow you to take cards from the discard pile and add them back to your hand.

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Claim a Treasure

To claim a Treasure, you must discard the three keys required to claim it.

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